Recognised skills in conflict resolution

After hours service

Personal, friendly and helpful team


If you are currently frustrated and underwhelmed with the results and level of service your current Strata Manager provides, consideration should be given to Great Lakes Strata Management whose focus is :

“to continually evolve and improve basic essentials – practices, communication, education and attitudes”

Our level of committed service is evidenced by our :

  • Thorough understanding of all relevant legislation – and the ability to then interpret
  • this into simple layman terms, stripping back any emotion and offering impartial

    facts and advice.

  • Passion for knowledge and further education, makes keeping up-to-date a pleasure.

  • Recognised skills in conflict resolution through years of Property Management experience.

  • Impeccable time management skills.
  • Hands on approach giving familiarity with all managed sites i.e. walk throughs with Strata Committees, so that we can physically see what needs attention, on a regular basis.
  • Personable, friendly and helpful team – when owners run the business,

    attitudes are always more positive ….

  • After hours service, which is not offered by all strata companies.
  • Ability to adapt to on-line processes for those wanting to eliminate paperwork,

    and flexibility to incorporate those who would prefer hard copies.